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Sagri Finance, India

Farmer Loans

A micro-finance credit system for Indian farmers, to help them get loans when needed at a reasonable interest. Sagri is focused on giving loans to farmers, who may not have access to credits via the public and private banks.

We are building a Farmer Credit Score, by levering our Satellite Imagery and Soil Testing Technologies. We assess the farmland productivity, history of produce, soil quality, etc. to build up a credit score. We give them loans based on the credit score.


Sagri is looking to partner with Startups, AgTech and other companies, focusing on helping farmers.

As part of our Farmer Credit and Micro-Finance Project in India, we help farmers by giving them loans at a farmer-friendly interest rate.

Interested? Please fill up the partnership application (direct link to form) below and we will get in touch with you.